Campaign Specific Backgrounds

These are the backgrounds and bonuses specific to the game. By choosing one of the following backgrounds you are granted the bonuses that go along with it.


Thay is home to the red Wizards who dominated during the Thirty Year War. Their superior knowledge of magic made them unstoppable foes. After they took control of the last visible magical nexus, the Red Wizards began running rampant and continued to slaughter those who had tried to deny them the nexus. Their campaign, however, would be cut short as the rest of the world had risen up to stop their advances. Driven back to the far south, they continue to watch over the nexus to this day in peace. The Red Wizards, not as savage as they once were, have banned the teaching of Necromancy from their city, and tend to use quite a bit of diplomacy to get their way.

As a civilian of Thay, you are skilled deeply in magical arts even going so far as to learn the arcane language of Magic. You speak words of power fluently and often find that they are needed for magical implements. Since Thay has monopolized the trade of magical items in most of the world, you are also skilled at haggling down prices and using words to keep you out of fights.

Bonuses: +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +10 Arcane, +10 Diplomacy, Access to the lvl 2 Fighter Utility “Unstoppable” (PHB1, 78), Bonus Language: Magic


Psucoden was founded after those who would not live under the rule of the queen moved west, beyond the mountains and into the desert. As of late, the city of Psucoden has become home to all manner of brigands and thieves. Most likely, if you are a civilian of Psucoden, you’ve exercised a five-finger discount or two, or five, or thirty. Since the Mayor, Avalon Psucoden, is of dragonborn heritage, most of the people in Psucoden have come to learn it’s language.

Bonuses: +2 Dexterity, +2 Strength, +1 Reflex, +7 Thievery, +10 Streetwise, Access to the Rogue “Sneak Attack” power as an encounter power, Bonus Language: Draconic

Campaign Specific Backgrounds

Dreams and Imagination: Torraine and the Lost Princess DM Tom 1987