The Immortal Crown of Jackson

Ranged Headgear Weapon


A mysterious and out of place white fedora with black band. You feel invincible while wearing it, but don’t let it go to your head.

Weight: 0
Proficiency: +3
Enhancement: +2, increase to +4 at level 11, +6 at level 21, and +12 at level 30
Range: 2/12

Hat Trick
Power: Encounter (You may use this power a number of times in an encounter equal to your Dexterity Modifier)
Ranged Weapon
Standard Action
Blue Magic
Dex vs Reflex
Target: 4 separate targets maximum, make an attack roll for each target.
Hit: 1d8 + 5 + Dex Mod (Blue Magic Effect: Upon hitting with this weapon, you may declare the damage type as either normal weapon damage or radiant damage)
Increase damage to 2d6 + 7 + Dex Mod at level 21, and 2d8 + 7 + Dex Mod at level 30

Billie Jean
Power: Daily
Standard Action
Dance Magic
Cha vs Will
Close Burst 4
Target: All within burst except self.
Hit: 3d8 + 5 + Charisma Mod
Effect: On your next turn, you may perform the hat trick as a free action.
Increase damage to 4d10 + 7 + Cha Mod at level 21, and 5d10 + 7 + Cha Mod at level 30


The Immortal Crown of Jackson

Dreams and Imagination: Torraine and the Lost Princess DM Tom 1987