A Kingdom Corrupted…

The world was once ruled by a good king and queen. Their names, however, have long since been forgotten. A new queen has risen in their place. A powerful queen. A woman gifted in the arts of magic. She was once the king’s adviser, but foresaw something that changed her forever. Slaying the Lord and Lady, she claimed the throne for herself.

A Princess Lost

Before the new queen could destroy the only remaining heir to the World’s Throne, the young girl was taken away by her handmaidens. Led from the castle and deep into the wilderness to hide. Where the wind took the girl is something very few would know. She would certainly be an adult by now.

A Valiant Effort and a Horrible Betrayal

Torraine, the greatest swordsman of his time, saw through the lies of the adviser turned queen. He would not be swayed or fooled. Charging into the castle keep with sword drawn, his most trusted friends and generals by his side. “You will not undo my conquest!” the queen bellowed from her throne. Torraine would step forward only to feel himself being pierced from the back. A sword had been impaled through his torso, his very own general pushing against the pommel. The queen used magic to lift the fallen hero’s sword and levitate it through the air. “And this… I should have never made it!” Casting the sword through a window, it would soar through the night sky and land somewhere far and hidden for many, many years.

The Beginning of the End

Two decades and some odd years have passed, the Queen’s influence can be felt everywhere. Accused of hiding the princess, a now nameless kingdom has fallen into ruin influenced by the Queen’s magic. Those who have escaped her powers moved beyond the crescent valley and the dwarven caverns. They have gone to the desert beyond the mountains and have managed to thrive amongst the sands.

The trade of magical items has been monopolized by the Wizards of Thay. Red Wizards who had all of the cunning to come out on top in the Thirty Year War. They now rule one of the magical nexuses from atop their golden citadel. However, there is a darker side to the wizards that only the highest council members are aware of.

Now is the time for lowly adventurers to rise up and become heroes of the world.

Dreams and Imagination: Torraine and the Lost Princess

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